Bliss Spa Fabulous Collection + The Pink Agenda


Hey guys! Thanks for visiting as always. Today I am sharing a fabulous collaboration (pun intended, ha) that I think you should have on your radar. As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month (if you don’t already know my personal connection with breast cancer, you can read my story here), and as such Bliss Spa is partnering with The Pink Agenda, and they will donate 20% of proceeds from sales from their Fabulous product collection up to $15,000! (pictured above)

I had a chance to try out the full collection thanks to Bliss Spa, and two of my favorites that I would highly recommend, are the Makeup Melt, which is a gel-to-oil makeup cleanser, and the Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk.  I like to really vet out any products that I recommend here on the blog, and I didn’t have enough time to fully review some of the other products in the collection, but when I do I will share my thoughts with you! For now, here is more on these two products below:

Makeup Melt 

The Makeup Melt product is exactly how it sounds, it goes on as a gel and as you apply to your face, the gel dissolves into a smooth oil, and it removes all of your makeup. This product is awesome for when you are just too lazy to take your makeup off, it is one step and it does the trick. When you are done you simply rinse with water, and follow up with a regular cleanser, if you are up for it, that is. You could just call it a night after the makeup melt, because it is that good. I wiped my skin with a tissue after I used the makeup melt and it was squeaky clean – which really never happens to me with one application of makeup remover. Note: I do put a generous amount of the product on at one time, because I like it to go on super smooth.

Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk

I was excited to try the cleansing milk face wash because I’ve been having a real issue with clogged pores lately. It may be the increased oil production in my skin due to pregnancy, but whatever it is my skin has been suffering. I loved the gentle exfoliating and light refreshing scent of citrus, and I could see my skin looking refreshed and clean almost immediately. I also tried using as a mask by applying to skin and leaving on for five minutes. It is a great way to give your skin an at-home mini facial, letting the enzymes really slough away any dry dull skin.

The key ingredients and their function:

  1. Bitter orange peel extract: Soothes skin and imparts a delicate citrus scent.
  2.  Prozymex enzymes: Exfoliates, unclogs pores and refines skin. The stabilized encapsulated enzymes release when massaged onto skin.
  3. Sodium hylauronate: Attracts and binds moisture to the skin, scientifically shown to attract 1800-times its weight in water.
  4. Vitamin e: Deeply moisturizes and calms inflammation.

If you are looking to try some new skin care products, check out Bliss Spa’s Fabulous collection, and support a great cause that affects so many women, The Pink Agenda for Breast Cancer Awareness.

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