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Thanks for visiting as always! Lately I’ve been going through a whole slew of emotions most probably all pregnancy hormone related –  I could probably start a whole blog called ‘Reasons Why I Cried’ which would include some gems like – ‘waving goodbye to my son on the school bus’, and ‘listening to the Golden Girls theme song’. The other day I felt so cranky and irritable that I even found myself wondering why I was so intent on getting pregnant in the first place. This is especially crazy for me, because I was desperately trying to get pregnant for two years. Once that horrible thought crossed my mind, then more negativity just started pouring in. I started to dwell on the new fine lines I noticed on my face, my weight gain (which I know is crazy because I’m PREGNANT, but I never said this was rational thought), and I even found myself comparing the success of my blog to some other bloggers. After a pretty miserable afternoon, I realized I was being so ungrateful for all the blessings I did have, and I had to do something to get myself out of this funk.

Also, after my own ordeal, a friend of mine shared with me that she was going through a period of sadness and she thought she might be depressed. I realized this is such a common experience for people, I want to share what helped me to get my mind back in a positive place.

  1. Have Gratitude – think about all of the things you are grateful for. I like to think about the fact that if I had nothing else in this world, the fact that my family is healthy is worth more than anything money could possibly buy. So I’m already rich!
  2. Get out of your head- Sometimes work and life gets so hectic, you don’t get time to yourself to  simply be quiet and meditate, or work out and get a great sweat. The mental and physical body are connected more than we realize.
  3. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Every time your brain thinks something negative, say something positive to yourself. This works so well for me because the negative mind is so irrational, if you say something positive that makes sense, you are more likely to believe it and feel it.
  4. Create a positive environment. For example for me, cleaning and organizing my house makes me feel more at peace. Lighting a scented candle or playing my favorite music can instantly change my mindset.
  5. Do not, under any circumstances, compare yourself to others or base your self-worth on others validating you. You are only going to compare your worst with your perception of someone’s best, which is a completely unfair comparison. It is also important to remember everyone has their own struggles, whether you see them or not. Lastly, trust your own journey – if you aren’t where you want to be in your personal life or career, focus on what you can control, and continue working towards your goals. I like to remember all of the now famous artists who lived their entire lives undiscovered – they must have had an incredible amount of inner strength to continue doing what they loved, despite not getting recognition from the rest of the world.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead! With love and light xx


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Sweatshirt – Thanks to Nordstrom | Hat – Nordstrom | Jeans: Levi’s | Slides: GucciSimilar Style 

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