Top Five All Time Winter Coat Musts

I never understood why shops sold coats so early in the season, way before the weather even cooled down. For me, right now is the best time to take advantage of all the holiday sales and it is finally cool enough to wear the coats too. I’ve realized there are a few styles that I just wear year after year and when they wear out I replace them. I’ve rounded up my top five favorites below and shared why I love them so much, and I’ve linked to exact or similar styles for you to peruse at your leisure.

This Thanksgiving, I want to say I’m so thankful for all of you for reading and visiting my little piece of the internet. Have a great holiday filled with friends, family, and lots of food!




  1. I’ll admit ever since I saw Rihanna wear this Acne Studios coat (over a silk cami slip dress) I was immediately searching for it. Her version didn’t exactly fit the budget, so I went for ta faux Shearling Coat instead (this one is  currently on sale! It is so warm and cozy, and adds a cool girl vibe to any look. Shop more Shearling Coats
  2. wool coat is a closet staple because of its versatility and basic functionality- but it doesn’t have to be ‘basic’ at all. I love ones with an assymetrical zip or a faux fur hood – it really is the small details that make all the difference. Shop more wool coats.. statement-coat
  3. Statement Coat is a must-have for any closet. When its so cold the only thing visible to the outside world is your outerwear, it is really easy to make a sartorial statement with your coat. Also, a bold print or color is surprisingly easy to incorporate into your winter wardrobe and can get a ton of use, similar to having a bright handbag. Shop Statement Coats .wool-coat
  4. Now there is one staple color that I think is a must for everyone and that is the Camel coat: I am partial to a rich deep hue, but light or dark, this is a luxe classic that always looks chic.  Shop More Camel Coats .classic-black-wrap-coat
  5. To avoid looking shapeless in your winter ensemble, a belt is going to be key. Whether you add a belt over your regular coat, or invest in a belted wrap coat. A Belted Wrap Coat cinches the waist and looks great over jeans just as it does formal wear. – Shop Belted Wrap Coats.

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