Blue Meets Blue + Love Zahra

This past weekend Tom was out of town and it was just Adam and I, and we spent the weekend getting ready for our new arrival. We did a bit of organizing, decorating, and even laying in bed imagining how our lives are going to change in a few weeks. Adam was curious just how long it was going to be before the new baby would be able to play video games with him, and he promised to teach her all the tricks he has learned.

Thats when it hit me hardest – side note: being pregnant and thinking about the world can be a dangerous combination – I thought why was I born so lucky to be able to do all of this with my son and soon to be daughter, when there are so many moms around the world who don’t have the privilege? In particular, the refugees who are struggling to survive and need our help the most. I’m not even going to start about the recent executive order…except to say I’m beyond ashamed.

Today’s post is more than just my regular outfit post. I partnered with Blue Meets Blue in the past, (see previous post here) a Chicago-based fashion company employing refugee women. They have several collections, ranging from casual to elegant, and accessories, there is something for everyone.  I knew I was going to be doing a maternity shoot (that full post with coming very soon!) with an amazing creative team, and I made sure to wear my gorgeous skirt by Blue Meets Blue for one of the looks. Lupita, Stylist at @Abbybellacouture even informed me how intricate the process is to create even one of the flowers that is embellishing this skirt, which made me love it even more.

This is one easy way to support some of the most deserving people, by giving them an opportunity to use their talents and work with dignity in America and support themselves and their families. Be sure to check out Blue Meets Blue and support its mission to help women who are refugees here in America, and do some guilt-free shopping while you’re at it!

Photo Credit: Stylist @abbybellacouture Make up @veerubiomakeup Hair @marfy27 Videographer @cbixx Photographer @skaiste_vingilys  Jewelry Skirt: Thanks to Blue Meets Blue (email for custom colors) Shoes: Aquazzura 

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