Maternity Photo Series

Hi guys! I’m so excited to finally share my maternity series pictures with you! The team I worked with (tagged below) was an amazing and inspiring group of women. Each are incredibly successful and talented in their own fields, photography, makeup artistry, hair, styling, everything- but on top of that they were all so humble and chill like true girl bosses should be.

The inspiration behind this series was to celebrate the beauty of being pregnant. Pregnancy can be so draining, emotionally and physically. It can also be hard to feel happy or beautiful with all of the changes going on in your body, gaining so much weight, and let’s not forget the lack of sleep. Taking the time to take pictures, post them on Instagram, and document this period in life is actually so important. There’s so much time to find out the best site to buy Instagram followers and grow the reach of your profile. But this is such a beautiful phase, which apparently is very short. So you need to capture the essence of all of it and preserve it. I think I have like two pictures of being pregnant with Adam so I always advise moms-to-be to do it because later in life you will really appreciate it.

I only say this because I’ve had quite a few friends myself who have been skeptical about having maternity photographs taken. Don’t get me wrong, I know exactly where they are coming from, but there is truly nothing to be afraid of. There are so many professionals, similar to this Los Angeles Maternity Photographer who have done this for so many years now, and they have the ability to make you feel comfortable and beautiful, even if you don’t feel it at the time. It really is something worth doing because just think about the memories and photographs that you can look back on in a couple of years’ time and reminisce about. That is why I am so pleased that I took the plunge and did it.

It was really fun to also incorporate my culture into the looks by wearing traditional Pakistani clothing. The appearance idea is actually borrowed from my family members because I wanted to give a nod to my Sindhi heritage. (The hat I’m wearing is a typical traditional Sindhi hat.) Also, if this session turns out great, perhaps I can include one of these photographs in the family history book (learn how to make a family history book) that depicts our entire heritage.

As for the background, I may have to do a bit of research to find a perfect location. Truthfully, the surrounding can be very crucial for the photoshoot. In that case, one way to find the right location can be through checking out other photoshoots in the city. Say you are situated in Portland, it can be more effective to find Portland maternity photography locations so that you can get an idea about how the snaps can come out. For me, it was a bit of research on my part and the exceptional skills of my crew, that made the whole ordeal a success.

Overall, having a day of pampering, getting glam, wearing gorgeous clothes, and shooting in an incredible location – what could be better?? For your own maternity shoot with this team, contact Skaiste Vingilys photography!

Photo credits: Stylist @abbybellacouture Make up @veerubiomakeup Hair @marfy27 Videographer @cbixx Photographer @skaiste_vingilys Jewelry Custom gown (look 1) @StyleMeCouture

For a peek behind the scenes watch this video:

Photo Credit: Stylist @abbybellacouture Make up @veerubiomakeup Hair @marfy27 Videographer @cbixx Photographer @skaiste_vingilys Jewelry Custom gown (look 1) @StyleMeCouture

maternity-shoot-1maternity-shoot-2maternity-shoot-3maternity-shoot-8 maternity-shoot-9 maternity-shoot-7 maternity-shoot-6 maternity-shoot-5 maternity-shoot-4
Photo Credit: Stylist @abbybellacouture Make up @veerubiomakeup Hair @marfy27 Videographer @cbixx Photographer @skaiste_vingilys Jewelry Custom gown (look 1) @StyleMeCouture

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