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Parcels_of_Love_header-770x400Today’s post is a departure from the usual lighthearted fashion posts, to shed some light on an important campaign aimed at helping provide formula and other basic necessities for babies in Syrian refugee camps. There are many charities out there asking for donations, but what sets this campaign apart from others is that 100% of donations received will go directly to the babies in need.

As a new mom myself, I often think about the less fortunate children around the world. I joke with friends about how it seems like the smaller the baby is, the more stuff it is they require. All joking aside, babies born in refugee camps especially have less resources which ultimately affect their chances of living or dying of malnutrition.

Some facts: Syria’s civil war has created the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. Half the country’s pre-war population, which is more than 11 million people — have been killed or forced to flee their homes. Many of these people have had to seek refuge in neighboring countries, and often live in dire circumstances. This campaign is aimed at helping the smallest and most helpless of these war victims, the precious babies.

Whats more, the campaign is an interfaith effort started by four women all of different faiths, based here in Chicago. Priti Bansal, Mom of 2, Autism advocate,Humanitarian and Co-founder at LeadWithGOOD (Hindu), Wendy Widom, Mom of 1, Humanitarian and Emmy Award Winning Social Editor at CBS Chicago, started the #standwithaleppo hashtag (Jewish), Michelle Taylor, Mom of 2, Humanitarian, and PR Professional at Exigent PR Firm (Christian), and Nabila Ali, Mom of 2, Humanitarian passionate about Children’s causes (Muslim).

Amidst the heartbreak of hearing the horror stories of mothers watching their children fall ill from malnutrition, these four women decided to take matters into their own hands and launch a campaign to raise funds for these mothers. Thus an idea was born – to create a baby box, full of formula and newborn baby essentials, to help alleviate some of this suffering. They teamed up with a local 501c3 to collect funds which will go towards the assembly of baby boxes in Chicago as an interfaith event to send off to Syrian camps (June first week), so the moms can experience some relief. Its a sign of solidarity to show the Syrian refugee mothers that they and their beautiful babies have made their way into our minds, souls and hearts forever.

The other day I saw a commercial that really grabbed my attention. In it, there was a man going about his day when he sees a variety of worthy causes that could use his help. A shelter puppy who needs a home, a homeless man asking for change, an under privileged child needing a role model – and all these things begin to weigh on him and he looks stressed out and unhappy. Then one day he decides to do something about it and heads in to a volunteer center to work with kids, and he is happier because of it. The point being, don’t get bogged down by all the suffering in the world, do something about it. For me, there isn’t any cause more worthy than helping innocent children. I hope you will take a moment to learn more about this effort and possibly donate to the cause. Whether that means donating money or your time, or simply spreading the word, something is better than nothing.

For additional details on the campaign and how to donate, see below:

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