Settling in to the week after a holiday weekend is always a little rough, and today was no exception. We spent Easter Sunday with the Sandberg’s and had a lot of fun and ate way too much food as per usual. Now its back to clean eating and yoga…after the leftovers are gone, that is 😉

 Adam and his cousins played games, hunted for Easter eggs, and also ate way too many chocolate eggs and jelly beans. How we managed to get through the day without any sugar induced tantrums is beyond me ~ but I’m not complaining!

On to the look – I’m constantly adjusting my wardrobe to suit my lifestyle, which has changed for many reasons over the years – work changes, motherhood (twice), and just growing up in general. For day to day I like to keep it simple and casual – a t-shirt and jeans is  what I wear most (as you may have noticed lately) and I love how this tee is made a little more interesting with a built-in gingham wrap over it.

Also, I tell everyone I know to get themselves some high-rise denim because they are so flattering and comfortable and they are basically like wearing built-in Spanx. Also don’t worry if your top is long, just go 90’s style and give it a front tuck. I remember standing in front of the mirror as a kid perfecting my front tuck for hours- but what I’ve learned is the best tucks are the ones done without too much thought, just tuck and go. It’s similar to how the best top knots are always created on those random nights when you just throw it up and have absolutely nowhere to go – but I guess that is why selfies were invented, right?

Thanks for stopping by as always xx

gucci-princetown-gingham-teegingham-wrap-tee gingham-tee-shirt-gucci-princetownlevis-gucci-princetown gingham-topTop: Asos | Jeans: Levi’s  – (30% off with code FEST30)| Shoes: GucciSimilar | Necklace: Monica Vinader | Bracelet: Monica Vinader

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