Tagpop – Making Ethical Shopping Easy and Fun

It’s not always easy or convenient to shop ethically. Price may be a factor as many ethical brands can be costly. Also, it is hard to discern between a true ethical brand and one that may be using buzz words like ‘conscious’ or ‘green’ as a marketing tool. The majority of companies are somewhere in the middle, meaning they aren’t horrible with human rights violations or pollution, but they aren’t the ideal places to shop either. One true way to shop with a totally clear conscious is to buy pre-owned clothing – but hitting up thrift shops isn’t something a mom of two has a lot of time or patience for.

Enter: Tagpop.

Imagine having a personal stylist picking only the coolest pieces at a thrift store and creating an entire online shop out of them. To make it even more fun, (and for the company to save on resources, of course) what you actually get is a ‘mystery’ chosen by a stylist. Tagpop makes it simple to shop pre-owned clothing by curating the selection and then selecting the items for you.

Here’s how it works – You choose from a category such as t-shirts, flannels, denim jackets, dresses, or ‘bundles’ and the stylist will get your sizing and then send you something. I picked a t-shirt and a denim jacket, and I specifically requested an oversized denim for the look I was going for. I love how both of my pieces were really unique and yet still on trend with today’s fashion. I’m already planning on belting my denim jacket over a dress next time I wear it. Side note: If for some reason you don’t like what you got, you can exchange up to two times per item – they just ask you to either give yours away to someone who loves it, or donate it back to charity.

What I really love though is the company mission – by 2020 they plan to have repurposed 2 million tons of apparel. Their goal is to solve the textile waste crisis and make clothing have a moral value behind it. I can get behind that too.

I’ve come to truly value slow fashion appreciating how clothing is made and trying to shop sustainable clothing (even if it’s a pair of sustainable socks) as often as possible. Thankfully companies like Tagpop are making it a lot more convenient for me to shop with a conscious – and look great while doing it.

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Look 1: T-shirt thanks to Tagpop | Jeans | Belt | Sandals Similar Style

Look 2: Jacket thanks to Tagpop | Cami | Jeans | Booties | Bag: Thanks to Coach

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