5 Life Lessons I Learned From Blogging

It has been five years yesterday since I started this blog (thanks Facebook memories!) Five years equals about ten thousand hours, which according to Malcom Gladwell, makes me an outlier, right?! Does that mean I’m getting rich soon??

I’ve learned a lot over the past five years, so I thought I would round up five of the most important life lessons being a blogger has taught me.

  1. Know Your Worth. Don’t be afraid to ask for fair compensation for your work, even if you are a new blogger with a small following. Figure out what it takes you to get the job done and price it out where it makes sense for you. (I’ve actually had PR Firms tell me I should ask for more money!) Of course there are lots of opportunities to collaborate, support a small business or charity you love, and in that case you can always reduce or waive your fee. If you don’t value yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?
  2. Don’t hate, collaborate! I can’t express how important this point is. I personally love supporting my fellow bloggers and friends. It can be a good idea to show them some tips and tricks that you yourself have picked up, such as how to download and use Royalty-free music to help with their vlogging or streaming if they are looking to expand, it all helps. I genuinely want to see my friends succeed, and trust me somehow the universe always gives it back to me. Also, it is important not to fall into the comparison trap which can turn you into a bitter unhappy being that no one wants to be around. If someone you know has landed an amazing project, or if they just bought your dream Chanel bag, be happy for them and just focus on creating great work. You have no idea what’s in store for you in the future, so just do you! Or if you want to compare, look at those who have much less than you do.
  3. Make it Work. Bloated? Cold Sore? No budget? It is so easy to make excuses for why you shouldn’t – but if you truly want to be successful you will need to make it happen despite the challenges. A few years ago Adam broke a glass on my face and I had to get stitches and wear a bandage on one side of my face for a month. As a result, my outfit pictures were all pretty much taken from the side view or with a hand strategically covering it – see example in this post here – but please don’t judge the outfit (cringe!). If you can’t afford a great camera, you can offer to promote a local photographer on your blog in exchange for their work. In regards to finances, let’s face it there are always going to be people who have more than you, regardless of if they just happen to be earning more than you, or if they have taken the time to learn about trading cryptos (Trading von Kryptos). Whilst it can be disheartening, there is a lesson that can be learned here, and it ultimately forces you to be more creative, which is a good thing!
  4. Never stop learning. When I started I wasn’t tech-savvy at all, nor did I have a clue about photography, editing, or how to effectively manage my finances. I also got my first Macbook as a gift after I started so I even had to teach myself a whole new operating system! Many many hours of trial and error, banging my head against the wall in frustration, and youtube tutorials later, I am now proud to say I’m a self-taught digital content creator! Also, it was very recently that I realized how important bookkeeping could be. I have started recording all my financial transactions lately, and I noticed that it could be of great help when it comes to making informed financial decisions. Additionally, doing any tax-related calculations always gives me a headache. Thankfully, it’s easy to find YouTube tutorials that can help you learn how to calculate your personal tax returns. Or you can simply hire a professional (maybe do a search for tax consultant toronto if you are from there) who could help with your tax return filing if time is not at your side. Keep an open mind and always try to improve yourself and your skills.
  5. See yourself in your best light. I got this one from my friend and blogger babe Zunera. We often criticize ourselves the most harshly, and often unfairly. Comparing our unedited to someone else’s photoshopped is just not fair. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to anyone you love. Put simply by Big Sean, ‘if you love yourself just know you’ll never be alone.’ This rings true in all senses. When you know how to love yourself physically, be it by watching porn on Sex Movr or by using a vibrator, you will never feel alone or incomplete. Similarly, when you know how to pamper yourself correctly and how to address your cerebral needs, only then you can see yourself in the best light.

Well, these were just some and the most important lessons I have learned in the past few years. You may or may not resonate with me completely, but I am sure you will connect with at least some of the above suggestions.

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