Top Three Must-Have Baby Items – Chicago Baby Show 2017

As a new mother, I spend a lot of time on review sites like OveReview looking for the best products on the market for my newborn. These websites are extremely useful and allow you to find products you’d probably not heard of before going on them. The only issue is that because it’s all online, I can’t touch or test the products which I LOVE doing! This is where baby shows come in. They allow you to explore new products, talk to experts, and hear honest feedback from other moms who have tried the product.

I recently attended my first baby expo and was blown away by all of the new and improved items on the market for babies. I was originally looking to buy some cabinet safety locks for the kitchen but I came away with a lot more than that! There were so many brands, big and small, with products for pretty much every category, but there were three that I feel really stood out among the rest. As a second time mom, I really focused on items I think are must-haves, items that everyone needs for everyday life. Scroll down to read more!

Top Three Baby Products – 2017


  1. Doona infant carseat stroller – Doona created a carseat that opens up into a stroller so there is no need to remove your carseat, ever. The idea is absolutely genius and I tested it out and found it very easy to use. My only real concern was the weight, but if you aren’t lifting the carseat at all, just once before it is a stroller – it actually is a non-issue. Bonus points for the car seat height being taller than average, meaning your child can be rear-facing, aka safer, longer.4moms-breeze
  2. 4moms Breeze Pack and Play – Anyone who has had a baby knows what complete pain it is to assemble and operate the average pack and play. My current pack and play has been sitting in one room for months because I don’t feel like taking the time to break it down so it fits through the door. 4moms created the easiest one step open/close pack and play that makes it incredibly easy to move around and use.bloom-high-chair
  3. Bloom High Chair – One thing I hate about buying baby stuff is usually after a very short time, the child outgrows it and it becomes obsolete. The Bloom high chair is one of my favorite items because it grows with your child, you can use it as a cozy seat for infant, then when baby is bigger, you add the tray and use it as a high chair for the next several years. Also, it is so beautiful and sleek looking, it looks great in the kitchen instead of being a complete eyesore like most high chairs.

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