Introducing: ThirdLove Nursing Bra

There are a few things on my list of must-haves for nursing mothers, and number one is a great nursing bra that fits perfectly.

It isn’t so much a luxury as it is a necessity. I had several bras saved from back in Adam’s day, with sizes ranging from 32B-36E, and I was sure one of them was bound to fit. Unfortunately they didn’t, and I was either stuck with an uncomfortable bra digging into my ribcage that looked good under clothes, or super comfortable sleep bras that offered no support and gave me no shape. Mom life is stressful enough on its own, you shouldn’t have to worry about your underwear on top of it all. ThirdLove sums it up pretty perfectly: ‘the best bra is the one you never think about’.

I had heard good things about ThirdLove through friends, and I loved the fact that a woman created the company to solve some of the major issues she personally experienced. So when it came time for me to get a new nursing bra, ThirdLove was on the top of my list to try.

When finding your perfect fit, you fill out a small survey on the website, and you are given a recommendation for sizing. My first bra was actually not the right size, but I contacted them and was sent a return label and it was replaced within a couple of days. What I love about the nursing bra is the soft padding that gives you the perfect lift but also adjusts throughout the day as your cup size fluctuates. The front closure is convenient, and the pleated straps are a pretty design detail that I appreciate. If you are hesitant for any reason, there is even a try before you buy option.

I personally love my bra, and I’ve already got a few other bras on my wish list for when I stop nursing.  Of course the perfect bra was developed by a woman – read more about the company story here.

Check out ThirdLove to learn more, and enter my instagram giveaway to possibly win a free bra!
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Note: This post is in collaboration with ThirdLove. All views expressed are 100% my own. 

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