Halloween with Spirit Cruises

Guaranteed to get everyone off of their electronic devices – at least for a couple of hours…

spirit-cruises-halloween-cruisechicago-spirit-cruises spirit-cruise-chicagoIMG_2524spiritnavy-pier-ferris-wheel(the view from the Ferris Wheel – can you spot me and Sophie?)

I’m always looking for fun things to do as a family, but with Sophia only eight months old – our choices are a little bit limited to keep everyone entertained. So when the opportunity to partner with Spirit Cruises came around, I thought – let’s do it!

We went on a family friendly Halloween themed cruise. It was a ‘costumes encouraged’ party but since we had just hosted a Halloween party the night before, no one was really in the mood to dress up again, but I did get Sophia in to her Wednesday Addams costume one more time since she didn’t have a say in the matter.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect sunny day – I felt especially lucky because the week following was absolutely dreary and rainy every single day. The brunch was served buffet style and the DJ played a mix of party favorites and spooky tunes like ‘monster mash’ and ‘thriller’.  Adam majorly cut a rug, confirming the fact that he got his daddy’s dancing skills, haha. Sophia had fun just watching all the kids in costumes dancing on the dance floor. We went upstairs and played a few rounds of checkers and headed outside to lounge and take in the beauty of Lake Michigan. If you caught my instastory that day, you definitely saw more Lake Michigan views than you probably needed to 🙂

Overall we loved the experience, there was a ton of stuff to keep the kiddos busy, and Tom and I just loved getting outside for a change and enjoying the gorgeous lake view. The cruise staff was wonderful, and the warm baked chocolate chip cookies they passed out on the way out was a really nice touch. Since they dock at Navy Pier we went for a walk afterwards, and Tom and Adam took a ride on the Ferris Wheel. Two and a half hours without a phone or iPad turned out to be some of the most fun this family had together in a while!

Many thanks to Spirit Cruises for having us! 


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