Of Woman Nature Podcast: Manifesting Purpose, Mindful Living, Conscious Fashion

I’m so excited to announce my very first podcast interview with Of Woman Nature! This is the brand new podcast by The Demureist – a blog that I have been a long time fan of – ever since I serendipitously met its founder Mariana during New York Fashion Week (back when I used to do that kind of thing).

Mariana Aguilera and Nazhah Khawaja host the podcast by the The Demureist, which is such a refreshing blog full of real insight and think pieces – which is so rare when you think about the majority of content we are inundated by daily through social media.

We discuss what my goals are for 2019, my journey to living a conscious lifestyle, and why exactly I quit ‘fashion blogging’.

You can listen to the whole episode wherever you get your podcast fix – I’ve included the link below.

I hope you enjoy!

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