Balcony Patio Design Reveal

I’m very excited to share my bedroom balcony patio reveal with you today! This project has been a labor of love and took me three years to complete. Now that the weather is warming up, I love coming outside any time of day to look at the garden and the pool. I also found it is the perfect place to hide from the kids, they don’t even think to check here! (I’m kidding, sort of).

A hot tip for anyone thinking of decorating a new house is to wait a while and see how you truly will use the space before doing anything. I thought I would be using this balcony as a yoga and meditation space, but after some time I realized it wasn’t private enough nor quiet enough for me – even with the added curtains. After about two years of living here, I knew I wanted my balcony to serve three functions: a place to chill and take a break, a place to work outside on a nice day, and a place to relax in the evenings with Tom and have a drink and catch a sunset.

The layout is long and narrow, so I created two seating zones. What is cool about the space is the brick fireplace-ish wall and mantle (the actual fireplace is inside). I created the first conversation area around it, adding plenty of seating and small garden stools and tables that can be moved around as needed. I already had the bistro table and chairs, so I used them as another seating area perfect for working from home, out facing the pool and the garden area. The cute birdhouse that looks like a miniature version of our house was left by the previous owner, and I love it so much. The balcony directly faces my neighbor’s house so I added outdoor curtains for some privacy. The curtains also do double-duty as a bit of a shady reprieve from the summer heat.

I used a palette of calm neutrals, taupe, grey, ivory, and some blues to give it a relaxed elegance. It wouldn’t be a true outdoor space without plants, so I added three boxwoods, two large vining jasmine (that smell absolutely divine), a fern, and a gorgeous dracaena. The hydrangeas on the table are going to be planted in the garden soon – but I couldn’t resist using them for styling this space. For the mantle, I went with some outdoor candles and a set of rattan wall art, which I hung asymmetrically.

When we first moved into our home, which was built in 1916, I found an old window in the attic that had to be from the original structure. I always like to add some vintage and found items to any of my designs, so I was beyond excited to find a place for it here. I hung it on the wall and placed a jasmine plant in front of it that will eventually grow up to cover the window at some point. Another unique find is the vase with the fern in it. I found it at a goodwill shop and fell in love with the design – at the time I had no idea what I was going to use it for. I lined the bowl with a coco fiber liner and planted my cute baby fern.

A boring but important note: one of the most important things to have for your uncovered patio has to be a large deck box for putting away pillows and blankets and storing furniture covers, especially if you live in a harsh weather climate. We get crazy winters and equally wild rainstorms in Spring. I’ve ruined more outdoor furniture and pillows than I’d like to admit out of sheer laziness to bring inside pillows and blankets or cover the furniture before a storm. Keeping storage containers accessible is key to maintaining the life of your patio decor.

Scroll down for pictures, then scroll down even further for the before!

balcony design reveal
second floor patio decor design bistro chairs


2nd floor patio balcony design before


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