Ethical Brands List

This list is by no means exhaustive, but has definitely grown over the past few years, and I am happy to say there are now many ethical fashion options out there with accessible price points and both timeless and trendy clothes.

It is important to note that sustainable shopping also means keeping the stuff you buy, shopping better, not more. As long as the world continues to have an insatiable demand for it, the Fashion Industry will produce, at any cost.

Sources: Friends and Readers like you, JooJooAzad, Dress Well Do Good, The Fashion Law

If you are a socially conscious brand and would like to be included in this list, please send an email to with the subject ‘Ethical Brands List’.

Note: Some of these links are affiliate referral links so if you click/purchase something I may receive a small commission.


Alternative Apparel
Agolde Denim
Angela & Roi
Beaumont Organic
Being Apparel
Blake LDN
Blue Meets Blue *use code ZahraXBMB for 15% off!
Brothers We Stand
Citizens of Humanity
Conditions Apply
Cooper & Ella
DL1961 Denim
Dolores Haze
Gather and See
Hudson Jeans
Krochet Kids intl.
Kora Rae
Kowtow Clothing
Lacausa Clothing
Levis Jeans
Mara Hoffman
Matt & Nat
Mud Jeans
New Classics Studios
People Tree
Piece & Co
Rialto Jean Project
The Base Project
Seek Collective
The Sept
Shaina Mote
Stella McCartney
Slow Factory


Albion Fit
Elle Evans Swimwear
Girlfriend Collective
Nun Bankgkok
Synergy Clothing
Sukoon Active
Vitamin A


Half United
LeCoeur Watches
Muse Metalsmiths
Portavelo Shoes


Hanna Andersson
Two Crows For Joy
Tea Collection
Winter Water Factory
Nui Organics


Art of Pure
The Honest Company
Lush Cosmetics
Made Of (Launching early 2018!)
The Ordinary


Maven Collection
Flowers For Dreams

Paper Goods

Good Paper Greeting Cards
Matter Prints


Opal London
Lstn Headphones

Online Resale Shops

DCxAsra (South Asian Designer Consignment)
Luxury Garage Sale
Material World
Ridas Pop-up Shop
The Real Real
Vestiare Collective
What Goes Around Comes Around

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  • Probably the tidiest part of my house right now...ngl 
In addition to fixing all the things that shouldn’t have even been broken, I’m also currently working on a few fun design projects - my powder bathroom remodel and my attic - soon to be dream walk-in closet ~ check my ‘home’ highlights for that as I’ll be posting a lot more soon, including drawings, swatches and all of that fun stuff! 
Side note: my shoes are mostly still in boxes that’s really why I keep wearing these same old flip flops! 😂
  • Monday’s after a trip are the absolute Monday-est...😫 Tonight’s plan is to unwind with a bath and my newest favorite @greenenvee collagen gel mask - it has hyaluronic acid and aloe, and it is really cooling and hydrating - which has been SO great in this heat. I’ve been using this masque in conjunction with their collagen serum for over a month and I’m already seeing results - reduced fine lines and more radiant skin. Check out @greenenvee for these products. They have a boutique in Geneva for all my local babes!
I’ve been testing a lot of new products this year and I’m going to share my skincare routine with all of my favorites very soon - stay tuned! And thank you to @greenenvee for sending me these lovely products to test. (please know I will only talk about the products I truly love and highly recommend.) #cleanbeauty #bathtime
  • I left my laptop AND dslr camera at home and only brought ONE pair of shoes with me (flip flops!😱) for a weekend at the lake ~ I honestly don’t know who I am anymore - but...I like who I’m becoming💕 hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! My swimsuit is @zimmermann and pants are thrifted #lakelife
  • Today’s look, wearing my new (to me) high waist vintage mom jeans that fit like a *glove* - swipe to see the 🍑 it’s so cute. Now off to see @kosexyhair_ to give this mop of hair some much needed tlc, color and finally a 💇🏾!
  • Yesterday I shared over my stories a recent bullying incident I had (still on stories now for a little while) and I am SO glad I did. What started as someone dm’ing me about Islam and nazar, ended up in a long hateful message criticizing everything from me being a housewife down to my makeup choices. I’m also a huge narcissist because I post pictures of myself, my family, and my home on my Instagram, and I should expect to get nazar (evil eye). Well here’s a selfie in response to that! And btw I’m going to keep posting pictures of myself because I’m ALLOWED to take up space in this world how ever I choose to. I wanted to ignore the message completely but the person was borderline stalking so I had to do something (and yes she is blocked and reported). The outpouring of support, encouragement, and love from all of you really meant the world to me. One person messaged me about how this type of behavior really stems from the patriarchy and as long as we as women are divided, we will never rise. We as women need to change this and instead of tearing each other down, actually be kind and gracious to each other because we are ALL in this together ❤️
  • A peek into my master bath since I still have those pretty roses from my solo trip to the French Market 🌸 I did a little shelf styling which I think makes the room so much cozier ~ I am focusing on the big design projects in the house now so everything I used to style the shelf (and the shelf itself) is stuff I already had, but I think it works - at least for now! #masterbathroom #onyxcountertop
  • Love him despite his terrible taste in hats 🙃 More Fourth of July partying today with family and old friends thanks to the amazing hosts Renee & Jason! (Tagged my suit, my shorts are Levi’s - thrifted)
  • Remember when a popsicle and sunshine was all we needed to be happy? Taking notes from baby girl this weekend...
  • Chlorine filled hair ✔️wet swimsuit ✔️no makeup ✔️sunburn ✔️
Yup! our #fourthofjuly celebration is going according to plan! hope you all got the day off and doing something fun today 🇺🇸🎇

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