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Blue Meets Blue: Fashion Meets Humanitarianism

How Blue Meets Blue Founder Turned Her Passion For Fashion Into Humanitarianism

I’m so honored to be the face of the Fall campaign for Blue Meets Blue, not only because I got to get dolled up in some gorgeous couture pieces and imagine I was (model) Gigi Hadid for a couple of days, but really because I am thrilled to align myself with such a forward-thinking brand, disrupting the way we consume fashion in the best way possible. Check out their recent feature in Time and InStyle!

Many people, myself included, want to do something to fix some the numerous problems in the world around us but often don’t even know where to begin. Which is why I’m so inspired by Shahd Asaly for founding Blue Meets Blue – a company tackling two major issues facing us today: the world refugee epidemic, and the fast-fashion problem. Asaly took her dream of aiding the refugee epidemic, combined it with her love of Fashion, and turned it into a reality. Here’s how she did it.

Shahd Asaly, founder of Blue Meets Blue, combined her love of fashion with her dream to aid the staggering refugee crisis, and turned it into a reality. Here’s how she did it.

With her Fashion and Psychology background, Asaly thought of an idea to create a clothing line that could employ refugees. After surveying a group, she found there were women who were highly skilled in beading, pattern making, and sewing.  Using the talents and skills they already possessed to create beautiful, ethically produced fashion, it was a mutually beneficial solution.

 Asaly then teamed up with experts in order to bring her dreams to life. Randa Kuziez, who has an extensive background in refugee work is currently the Strategy Consultant. Heading up Fashion Design is Rakan Shams El-Deen who has designed his own line of clothing.

Blue Meets Blue is a labor of love for Asaly, who says:

‘Blue Meets Blue is so much more than a fashion line for me. We focus on helping refugees with their resettlement process (by finding employment and a network of friends), we focus on slow fashion and try to raise awareness about slow fashion, we try to change misconceptions about refugees by spreading love through our fashion, and most importantly we see this as a form of art therapy: we love seeing the artisans open up -have deep conversations, and transform through their work. Seeing how it has changed their lives has been our biggest success.’

On top of all of those reasons to love Blue Meets Blue, the clothes are absolutely exquisite. Treat yourself to some guilt-free shopping for yourself or anyone on your holiday gift list!

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Some background: The world refugee crisis had reached a level of epic proportions in 2016 with 65 Million people displaced all over the world. These are innocent people forced to flee their homes, many of them women and children. Side note: It is sad that I have to clarify that these are innocent people, but after the Muslim Ban was enacted by our current administration, which would also keep out refugees from Muslim countries seeking asylum, I realized there are many misconceptions swirling around regarding who these people are and why they deserve our help. Also a driver behind the company, people are growing increasingly frustrated with fast fashion and its negative impact on the world. The factory collapse in Bangladesh was a pivotal moment, and consumers today are seeking out clothing produced sustainably and ethically.

Z’s Favorite Things (on SALE now!)

 This year instead of listing a bunch of shops with Black Friday deals,  I’m sharing six of my favorite things of all time that are also on sale right now! You’re welcome, and Happy Shopping xx




track-pants-high-heels-outfit-msgm-stuart-weitzmanFavorite Shoes: Stuart Weitzman (L: Nudist Sandals, R: Highland Boots) Promo Code Coupon 

Off all of the shoes I own and have owned, I definitively get the most use out of these two pair. The Sandals go with absolutely errrthing…and the over the knee boots have become a Fall and Winter staple for me – easily elevating the most basic of outfits.







Favorite Jeans: AG Jeans – Promo Code Coupon

This was a tough one to narrow down, but the jeans I reach for the most when I am looking for amazing fit, and cool details like slight distressing. Basically these are my go-to’s and they are on sale. Nuff said.


Favorite Hat: Janessa Leone  – Promo Code Coupon

The hat that made me a hat-wearer. Before I found my favorite line of hats, I believed all hats were the same – but I promise you they are not. This one always keeps its shape, stays put on my head, and like the otk boots, they make the outfit a little cooler.
wide-leg-pants-leather-jacket-Favorite Leather Jacket: All Saints Cargo  

One of my first investment pieces after I learned of the concept of investing in clothes rather than impulse shopping constantly. Worth. Every. Penny.

givenchy-antigona-tote-arm-stack jumpsuit-tobi-olivia-palermo-blouse

Favorite Bags: Givenchy Antigona , Chanel Boy , Chloe Faye Wallet on Chain 

No one should feel the need to drop serious change on a bag, however if you do invest in anything material – I would say make it a bag. I’ve linked to a resale website where I actually bought the Givenchy bag from.


Favorite Bra: Thirdlove



Workout Gear: Alo Yoga

lamerFavorite Moisturizer: La Mer


Nail Polish: Zoya






Halloween with Spirit Cruises

Guaranteed to get everyone off of their electronic devices – at least for a couple of hours…

spirit-cruises-halloween-cruisechicago-spirit-cruises spirit-cruise-chicagoIMG_2524spiritnavy-pier-ferris-wheel(the view from the Ferris Wheel – can you spot me and Sophie?)

I’m always looking for fun things to do as a family, but with Sophia only eight months old – our choices are a little bit limited to keep everyone entertained. So when the opportunity to partner with Spirit Cruises came around, I thought – let’s do it!

We went on a family friendly Halloween themed cruise. It was a ‘costumes encouraged’ party but since we had just hosted a Halloween party the night before, no one was really in the mood to dress up again, but I did get Sophia in to her Wednesday Addams costume one more time since she didn’t have a say in the matter.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect sunny day – I felt especially lucky because the week following was absolutely dreary and rainy every single day. The brunch was served buffet style and the DJ played a mix of party favorites and spooky tunes like ‘monster mash’ and ‘thriller’.  Adam majorly cut a rug, confirming the fact that he got his daddy’s dancing skills, haha. Sophia had fun just watching all the kids in costumes dancing on the dance floor. We went upstairs and played a few rounds of checkers and headed outside to lounge and take in the beauty of Lake Michigan. If you caught my instastory that day, you definitely saw more Lake Michigan views than you probably needed to 🙂

Overall we loved the experience, there was a ton of stuff to keep the kiddos busy, and Tom and I just loved getting outside for a change and enjoying the gorgeous lake view. The cruise staff was wonderful, and the warm baked chocolate chip cookies they passed out on the way out was a really nice touch. Since they dock at Navy Pier we went for a walk afterwards, and Tom and Adam took a ride on the Ferris Wheel. Two and a half hours without a phone or iPad turned out to be some of the most fun this family had together in a while!

Many thanks to Spirit Cruises for having us!